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A delicious taste of Mexico from San Carlos

Posted by admin on September 19, 2019
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The Gastronomy of every place in the world, is indisputably a sample of the richness of each of the destinations that we visit throughout our lives and in each state of Mexico, it is the people who are responsible for giving it its own touch, with the flavor and the exquisite diversity of dishes that are an experience worth sharing and recognizing in each presentation of Mexican cuisine.

In San Carlos, seafood restaurants are the ones with the highest flow of diners, however the diversity of dishes of traditional Mexican food cannot be lacking. For those who are looking for this option María’s Restaurant Bar is the place where the atmosphere with Live music, the spectacular view from its terrace and the seasoning of each of its dishes provides a delicious experience to those who pass through this paradisiacal place are fortunate to taste their exquisite dishes.

From the traditional pozole, the enchiladas, chubby, stuffed chili peppers, to an exquisite breaded fish, mango shrimp and tasty snacks to accompany the drinks of the bar, become the favorites of its guests, who describe it as a perfect place to experience the delights of Mexican food.

With a touch of the Sonoran style, María’s has the charm in each of its dishes, in addition to the cocktails and drinks they offer in the bar where to the rhythm of Mexican music and from its terrace overlooking the Royal Marina, it goes from an hour of food that extends to a delicious evening that can end in a fun night of friends, drinks and why not, close with beer and grilled ribs.

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