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Why are sunsets red?

Jun 02, 2020
Have you ever wondered why sunsets are painted in diverse colors that create a natural spectacle worth contemplatin [more]
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3 Beaches You’ll Be Able to Visit When We Go...

May 21, 2020
The first place we think of most when asked where we would like to be, is usually on a Paradise beach, perhaps it’s [more]
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Save electricity during the summer

May 19, 2020
Summer is here and electricity consumption is something that concerns us all for a variety of reasons including fin [more]
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Enjoy family time playing

Apr 24, 2020
A good way to spend family time is with board games, since it allows a healthy coexistence between children and adu [more]
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Know how to effectively work from home

Apr 08, 2020
Are you working from home? Follow these useful tips and make your time at home effective and productive for your bu [more]
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Paint your home according to Color Psycholog...

Apr 03, 2020
If you are considering giving your home a different look, think about the feeling you’d like to experience and what [more]
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Use natural products and disinfect your home

Mar 28, 2020
Antibacterial products are ideal to protect from 99% of bacteria and viruses, which makes them your best allies to [more]
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The community of San Carlos remembering the ...

Mar 20, 2020
With jazz music and the delicacies of La Bartina 64 in San Carlos, the Vive Real Estate team alongside with the pre [more]
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The symphony orchestra “New Mexican School” ...

Mar 03, 2020
At the event run by the organization “Friends of the New Mexican School Symphony Orchestra,” the Arena hall of San [more]
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Be the best host and celebrate in San Carlos

Feb 21, 2020
As if in a small natural paradise, this colonial-style house, with an 18th century inspired architecture and surrou [more]
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