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Posted by admin on September 29, 2020
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It is time to resume the process of buying a property, as 2020 is a good year to make an investment in real estate and the year is close to ending.

The current situation may have stopped some procedures of buying and selling real estate, however it is time to resume them and take advantage of some opportunities that developed to benefit purchase contracts, such as some real estate supports developed by financial institutions, and the possibility that the properties you acquire may actually return a percentage of your investment in the medium term.

You could find better offers in construction and real estate since in 2020, after the deceleration in the economy, some real estate, construction, and financial companies have the objective of recovering the losses of the first months of 2020, offering better prices and facilities.

Interest rates have dropped significantly so that a mortgage loan is a good option to realize an investment in real estate. For each percentage point that the interest rate drops, the Bank of Mexico and any other, you have the possibility of buying a property with a value of 10% higher than you had in mind.

Keep in mind that fall and winter are of the best times of the year to make real estate purchases because although fall is a time of slow economy, real estate offices make financial adjustments to the offers of their homes and prepare for the start of a new season  in which people can invest more and the loss can be recovered. Since December is a month of economic influx and the best time to buy, for extra remuneration and bonuses that workers receive.

Some institutions approved a measure that permits postponing the first payment of your mortgage loan three or four months after being approved. So, like this and many other measures in favor of the economy this year is the best to buy a new house. Learn about your options and invest in real estate or buy your dream home.

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