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Posted by admin on April 24, 2020
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A good way to spend family time is with board games, since it allows a healthy coexistence between children and adults that will result in fun for everyone.

Take advantage of time at home and alternate between chores and activities, that due to lack of time, we are never able to start and share time with the family.

Lottery is a tradition Mexican game that is very fun and ideal for the whole family. It consists of 54 cards and an indefinite number of “tablet” cards that have 16 illustrations of the same cards that are randomly chosen and called out. Every time a card is drawn from the bunch, it is called out and the participants must mark it on their tablets if it’s one of their 16 illustrations.

The winner will be the one who forms the alignment that was specified at the beginning of the game with the marked illustrations of the cards called out and gives the victory shout according to the custom of their region. In Northern Mexico people yell “Good!”, in the United States “Bingo!”, meanwhile in southern parts of the country they yell the original “Lottery!” or simply “Here!”.

“UNO” is another one of the known American table games that was developed in 1971. The original UNO game consists of a total of 108 cards. The game contains a series of wild cards capable of helping during the game, these are: draw 2, draw 4, change color, change rotation, and skip a turn. This game varies according to the characteristics of the community where it is played, for example, sometimes two cards of draw 4 in a row means the next player now must draw 8.

The objective of UNO is to get rid of the cards initially were drawn while saying the word “Uno” when the player only has one card left. If the player does no say “Uno” when they only have one card left, they will be penalized by having to draw 2 cards.

Another of the most traditional and fun options to play with the family is the renowned game of Monopoly. The objective of the game is to form a monopoly of supply, by owning all the real estate that appears in the game. The players move their respective game pieces, taking turns clockwise around the board, based on the score of the dice, and land on properties that they can purchase from an imaginary bank, or let the bank auction them if they are not bought. If the properties in which a player lands already has an owner, the owner can charge the player to go through their property or the player that lands on it may buy it. In case a player advances by chance or communal chest the player cannot buy the property.

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