Exercising outdoors is much better, know the reasons

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Posted by admin on July 7, 2020
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To exercise you don’t need to enroll in a gym where in addition to being in the same place with many strangers you must pay a monthly fee that could mean a lot for your finances. An excellent option to start with your exercise routines is to do them in the yard of your home, an open field or in the park.

Exercising outdoors is proven to help eliminate stress, improve your mood and provide the feeling of freedom you don’t usually have in a closed room.

Therefore, not being able to go to the gym is not an excuse to not exercise. You can easily work out from home or at your neighborhood park. Add to the benefit of your health and physique, the positive physical impact of being in green spaces, surrounded by nature and clean air.

If you prefer intense workouts and already have an exercise routine that is practiced in the gym, you could alternate with once or twice a week doing outdoor exercises, these can help avoid boredom and stimulate the continuation of a healthy life.

Another benefit of doing your physical activities outdoors and in green areas, is to decrease fatigue and awareness about physiological sensations or negative emotions, effects caused by the oxygen of plants.

Breathing fresh air after performing your exercises reduces stress. Remember adrenaline, norepinephrine and cortisol reduce after being in contact with nature.



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