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Posted by admin on August 1, 2020
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If you are moving to your new home, these tips will help organize and accomplish harmony in your home, which will make the day-to-day easier and allow you to breathe fresh air in your new home.

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As you pack your belongings to take to your new home, make sure you do this with time so you carefully take inventory of what you have and prioritize what you’ll take with you and what you’ll be saying goodbye to.

Classify your belongings in categories like clothing, books, decorations, memories, and important documents. This way, when you arrive to your new home and need something specific, begin to fill your closet or even decorate your home, you’ll know exactly where everything is and better designate a space for them. Don’t forget to use labels so you don’t have to open every single box to find something.

For greater security of your items and to be able to unpack little-by-little or store put them away as you stored them — perhaps because you do not use them often — you may consider using plastic containers. They are ideal to keep your garage and closet organized; in them you can keep Christmas, Halloween, and other seasonal decorations, since you will already have those things put away and will only need to find a space in your new home to put them.

Assigning a specific space for each item is one of the key principles to maintain order. Shelves to place books or decorative objects help us to use some spaces that are not always considered, which allow us to take advantage of higher areas of the walls, the closet, and other spaces.

Another recommendation is to unpack by rooms so that the move does not become chaos and you can enjoy the process. Organize in the best way so that you feel comfortable in your new home, from day one.


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