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How much do you think you know about the secrets of the sea?

Posted by admin on November 15, 2019
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Have you wondered what part of our planet is under the sea and how important it is to care for our oceans.
The sea, like all natural resources on Earth, plays a very important role for living beings.

In addition to covering 70% of our planet, the rest of the surface receives properties and benefits of this important element that by itself makes up of 90% of the living species on our planet.

97% of the water in our entire planet is in the ocean, International waters (outside the jurisdiction of any country) occupy almost 50% of the Earth’s surface and are the least protected part of the world. The Pacific Ocean has approximately 1/3 of Earth’s surface. The Gulf of California, also called Mar de Cortés or Bermejo Sea, is an extension of the Pacific Ocean and is located between the peninsula of Baja California and the states of Sonora and Sinaloa, the northwest of Mexico.

It has a length of 1126 km and it’s width varies between 48 and 241 kilometers at its northern end is the mouth of the Colorado River.

Approximately 40% of the world’s population lives within 60 kilometers of a coast. Only less than 10% of the ocean has been explored by humans.

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