How to maintain your pool water clean

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Posted by admin on July 20, 2020
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Summer has arrived and we all enjoy a dip whether in a natural or artificial basin, thus it is common to find a pool either for children or adults in many backyards.

However, it is very important to maintain the proper hygienic measures of any pool before, during, and after its use, since water is a means of reproduction for bacteria, fungi, and microorganisms responsible for diseases and infections.

In addition to using chlorine and other chemical products to maintain the cleanliness of a pool, it is also absolutely necessary to conduct a regular and complete disinfection, whether it be an inflatable, plastic, or a built-in pool.


When setting up a pool, whether small or large, there are a number of steps for cleanliness:

Cleaning the walls and floor.

Washing the filtration system in depth and the skimmers (in case of a built-in pool).

Refill the pool.

Adjust the pH value of the pool water.

Apply the water treatment, whether chlorine or salt.

Maintenance of clear water without algae (in swimming pools with filtering system).

It should be noted that mountable, prefabricated or small pools do not always have a water circulation and filtration system, however it is equally or more important to keep them clean before and after using them in order to maintain their preservation.


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