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In Sonora the food is all so surprising

Posted by admin on December 6, 2019
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The state of Sonora has many riches and its cuisine is no exception. Roasted meat is not the only specialty; in each corner of the state you can enjoy diverse and delicious dishes where meat and seafood are the main ingredient.

The meat of Sonora is distinguished from the culinary art of the rest of the country by its flavor and the traditional roasted to the firewood which is part of the food diet on which the majority of the dishes of the region are based, however the quality of the fine cuts is the peculiar touch of the Sonoran gastronomy.

In addition to the roasts we can find a wide variety of typical Sonoran dishes made with beef, such as “machaca”, dried meat, broken meat, meat with rajas, burritos with flour tortillas, meat with red chili, beef sausages and fresh seafood direct from the Sea of Cortez.

In Guaymas and San Carlos, for being one of the most important fishing ports, shrimp and the most exquisite fish are served fresh at your table, therefore if you choose for its gastronomy; this is a great tourist destination.

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