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In the Sea of Cortez there is a treasure; know the pearl farm

Posted by admin on September 15, 2019
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Guaymas has a powerful treasure that is hidden in the Sea of Cortez, the Pearl Farm is a wonderful project that produces a quality of pearls that in addition to representing an important business activity, gives this territory a worldwide positioning, because in Latin America, this is the only farm that exists.

It was since Hernán Cortés while passing through Mesoamerica and after the conquest, many treasures from Mexico and Latin America arrived to Europe through colonizers and pirate ships that sought the true treasures of the new world, among which were the most colorful and beautiful pearls that came from places like the now known Gulf of California or Mar de Cortés.

In the first half of the 20th century, a Mexican-French scientist, Gastón Vives, created the first pearl farm which produced up to 8 million oysters and had a thousand employees; Unfortunately, this growing industry was destroyed during the Mexican Revolution and by natural epidemics.

In the multiple attempts and interests to resurface this activity of aquaculture farmers and that to date is a case of success it was the project that three students carried out to develop oyster cultivation techniques was the one that was applied in Guaymas, Sonora, using a kind of very local oyster, the nacre shell or sterna pteria.

The gems that are produced in this “pearl factory” are unique and extremely special because of 10,000 oysters they grow, only one manages to produce a pearl with the quality levels to market it, this after being processed and ‘operated’ for the activity

The production process is carried out through the oyster operation technique in which they are implanted with a core that is covered by nacre and forms the colorful pearls of the Sea of Cortez.
The pearls of the Pearl Farm of the Sea of Cortez are known for their multiple colors and have a peculiar shape because they are not completely round.

There are several jewelry houses that make special pieces with these gems and are sold in various parts of the world. The quality of the pearls has been recognized by large world-class companies that allow the product to reach a significant cost in the market.


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