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Posted by admin on April 8, 2020
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Are you working from home? Follow these useful tips and make your time at home effective and productive for your business

To achieve the greater concentration and correctly carry out your work activities, set up a quiet area in your home. Preferably, this shouldn’t be an area in your home where you tend to rest such as your bedroom living room, or bed, as you will need to be energized and without distractions. This way you will be able to concentrate on working and will avoid associating work time with leisure time.

One of the main differences between going to work at the office and working from home is the comfort of your home. However, this can represent an obstacle if you are not clear about your goals and do not honor the routine. That is why we recommend waking up at your usual time, showering, and getting ready as if you were going to the office. As well as respecting breakfast and meal times normally and that this does not represent a distraction or that you become unwell.

These habits will keep you energized enough to work and to help you prepare psychologically to continue working.

In the same manner, changing clothes when the workday ends will help your brain understand that you have already left work and remain mentally healthy, controlling your stress and tiredness levels. For which it is necessary to respect your schedules and not answer calls at the end of your workday and not work extra hours.

Do not lose contact with your clients or your boss if you are part of a company, as well as friends and family. Use messaging apps to make calls and video calls, they will be very useful to make working from home more efficiently.

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