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5 important facts you should know about San Carlos

Posted by admin on October 21, 2019
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1.- San Carlos received its name after a boat with this name was discovered during the times of the conquest. For a while it was called ‘El Baviso de Navarro’ after the owner, Cayetano Navarro, hero of the Battle of Guaymas.

2.- In 2011, the view of the Sea of Cortez from the Scenic Viewpoint of San Carlos was ranked number 1, in a top 10 of the National Geographic magazine. This above Kalaupapa, Molokai, Hawaii; Cape Leeuwin, Australia; South of Aija, Oman; Hornbjarg, Iceland; The Mountains and Orkney Islands, Scotland; Son Marroig, Mallorca, Spain; Sagres Bay, Portugal; Aran Islands, Ireland and Coast Road, Western Sahara.

3.- The tale says that the name of the emblematic hill ‘Tetakawi’, was named ‘goat tits’ by a Guaymense businessman, however according to the story told by the Yaqui and Seri tribes, this Word comes from the Yaqui language where it would actually be Teta Cagui, without k or w, which means ‘stone hill’.

4.- San Carlos has a great diversity of natural resources that has led it to be considered a Protected Natural Area because it has a sanctuary of sea lions from California and thousands of birds among which the brown booby and the pelican. In addition to the multiple mangrove areas, the body of water and land part consisting of sand dunes and shrubs that make up the Estero del Soldado.

5.- Great film productions have been shot in various beaches and areas of San Carlos, from 1969 to the present and increasingly booming.

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