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Coffee tastes better by the sea

Posted by admin on September 6, 2019
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If you are looking for a special corner to have a good coffee, read a book, spend time with your friends and start your day in the best way, Meri Meri will love it, you can start your day or enjoy the sunsets.

MerMeri Coffee Community is a place inspired by art and aimed not only at coffee lovers, you can also enjoy other drinks and an atmosphere of harmony and tranquility, ideal to enjoy alone or with a pleasant company.

In the details of the place you can see a gallery of paintings signed by Macongu, who is part of the society of this peculiar corner, you will also find interesting handmade souvenirs and handmade products by those who are part of this project.

The sisters Marisol and Mariza Chacón, are owners of this coffee shop and in a mixture of their skills they carried out this project that invites the community of San Carlos, Guaymas and their visitors to enjoy an original cafeteria concept.

There is art everywhere, a series of musical instruments available to local artists or those who pass through and are willing to delight those present with percussion, piano, among other instruments, paintings, drawings, books and crafts that give this coffee shop a unique touch that makes anyone want to return for a new experience.

Environmental care, organic products, the diverse art pieces and the promotion of reading are the principles that govern the team and the concept of Meri Meri Coffee Community, it is also a 100% pet friendly establishment, that is, you can take your pet without any problem and spend a delicious morning or a pleasant afternoon with your four legged friends.

A great variety of fresh and organic coffee, roasted in the neighboring city of Obregón, espressos, tisanes, frappés, smoothies, sandwiches and delicious cupcakes, all acquired by local suppliers, make up the menu and various music, yoga, African percussion workshops, among other events, cultural and teaching workshops, are part of the agenda of the place, so constantly offering various disciplines that call Meri Meri Coffee Community customers to learn and live new experiences.

One thought on “Coffee tastes better by the sea

  • Melinda
    on September 15, 2019

    Wow. I have been looking for that new place in Mexico and this may be it. Congrats Sisters.

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