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Day of the Dead; a great mexican tradition

Posted by admin on October 27, 2019
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The origins of the Day of the Dead in Mexico can take us back to the time of the natives of Mesoamerica,the Aztecs, Mayas, Purepechas, Nahuas and Totonacas. The rituals that celebrate the life of the ancestors have been carried out since approximately the last 3 thousand years.

In Guaymas, the Day of the Dead is lived in full bloom from this weekend during the traditional Calaca Festival. Which, this year celebrates its 17th edition that takes place from the 25th to the 27th of October where traditions are kept alive through various artistic expressions.

This holliday is a reason for celebration where millions of families commemorate the memory of those loved ones that were part of our families, including famous people who marked the history of Mexico.

In the Port of Guaymas as in other states of the country, various activities are carried out on the occasion of this celebration among which, in Sonora, the Festival de la Calaca stands out as one of the largest, since 2002. It has given color to the Historic Center of the city and ends with a contest of altars that year after year has benefited the memory of various people.

A great cultural fair is installed in the Historic Center of the City, the Yaquis ethnic groups are present in this important event, in which they exhibit their handicrafts and a gastronomic samples of their unique typical dishes,
The painted faces of the famous ‘Catrina’, handmade sculptures, artistic theater and musical performances are the main attraction of this important family event that begins with a parade of catrinas along Serdán Avenue.

The educational and governmental institutions join this celebration and participate during the activities that
They are carried out through the Municipal Institute of Culture and Art.

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