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Posted by admin on February 6, 2020
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True organization begins with elimination, which is related to a transformation that goes beyond the physical, according to the famous method of organization of Marie Kondo, creator of an organizational tool of mental well-being by organizing your living space and transforming it. The change is so deep that it appears you are living in a different place and makes it more pleasant.

The fundamentals of the “KonMari” method entail discarding the unnecessary and conserving only the essential, meaning that everything that makes us happy we are to keep. Marie explains that physically getting rid of things we do not want, subsequently, facilitates the establishment of limits to what does not satisfy us.

Marie Kondo, a successful author, businesswoman and organizational consultant, of Japanese origin, explains that people accumulate objects without considering the meaning or function they have for us today. Most of which, quite possibly already exerted their function in the past and now it is time to discard. This activity frees us of any burden and leaves us with energy for the present.

The organizational process consists of dividing into categories; the first step is to gather and sort everything we have from the same category (clothes, books, papers, etc.).
Through this, we separate what we will keep and what has already exerted its function, an exercise that has an impact in other vital respects.

On a psychological level, this process can be reproduced by focusing our attention on the deepest levels of our inner selves. It is useful and revealing to ask whether that
thought or behavior we consider discarding makes us feel good or, on the contrary, blocks us and does not allow us to move forward.

In the end, the outcome is very simple: “Take keep what you like and let go of everything that, now, no longer makes sense to you,” says Marie.

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