Learn about various measures to keep your house warm during the winter

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Posted by admin on January 24, 2020
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Like every detail that you have to take care of inside the home, temperature is one of the main factors to feel comfortable in your own home, there are various systems that help us modify temperatures, according to the taste and needs of each family.

There are many factors that we must take into account when choosing the right heating system for our home, taking into account the climate of the place where it is located, the size of the property, the orientation and the type of insulation of the house, in addition to the use that we are going to make of the house. If you need to heat all the rooms or only part of the house, the amount of people who inhabit it and the time it stays occupied.

Nowadays and thanks to technology we have several heating systems that allow us to choose between them, due to variations in energy saving, safety, ease of installation, maintenance or its effectiveness.

The air conditioning system can generate both cold and heat and is ideal for beach or indoor areas with mild temperatures.

This system expels hot air at the temperature we want and is quite efficient, especially with the new inverter systems.

Hydraulic heating provides heat to different areas of the home through a single unit. It is based on the distribution of heat by means of water, since, unlike other elements such as steam, water is cheap, easily acquired and large quantities are not required to transport heat.

Gas boilers use natural gas (or city gas) as fuel for heating water, which can be used for heating of the house and / or to heat ACS sanitary water. The gas heating system is based on a water circuit that runs throughout the house and homogeneously heats the entire house through radiators.

Electric boilers heat water by electricity, so there are no problems of gas leaks or monoxide poisoning carbón.

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