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Meet 7 typical sweets from southern Sonora

Posted by admin on October 2, 2019
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The cultural diversity in the Mexican territory varies in each of the municipalities of the states of our country, there are products that although they are recognized throughout the republic or usually coincide in very distant states, you would be surprised to know what their true origin is. This happens to those who come to the south of Sonora and taste the delights of typical Mexican sweets with a sonorous touch in the desserts and fruits that are produced and consumed in the region.

Among the distinctive desserts, the ingredients that stand out most in their elaboration are cow’s milk, sugar cane, peanut, wheat flour, rice, cinnamon, whole wheat flour, walnut, sesame, almonds and piloncillo, which they love with their sweetness and taste to local and foreign consumers.


1. Coyotas
Very traditional of the state of Sonora, coyotas are made of wheat flour and the secret of their flavor is to discover the filling that can be made of brown sugar, caramel, dulce de leche or jams of various fruits.


2. Jamoncillo
Proudly from the Ures region, Sonora the Jamoncillos are sweets made from milk and sugar, prepared by a heat process where milk and brown sugar form a light brown cream.



3. Coricos
They are donut-shaped corn crackers, although they are known in various regions of the south of the country as flour, in Sonora, Sinaloa and Baja California “Los Coricos” are the perfect complement to a cup of coffee.



4. Semitas
Originally from Navojoa, the semitas are a small brown bread stuffed with brown sugar, caramel or dulce de leche, perfect to accompany a delicious coffee.


5. Pitahaya and sweet pitahaya ice cream
The pitahaya ice cream is handmade and results in a type of carafe ice cream made with a fruit of pink or red, naturally sweet and delicious.


6. Ponteduro
The Ponteduro is a sweet made of compressed popcorn, caramelized with honey.



7. Palanqueta de nuez y cacahuate
This typical Mexican sweet has a Sonoran touch is peanut and pressed walnut, bathed in piloncillo nut and peanut, is known and elaborated in the rest of the country.

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