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Reasons left to live in San Carlos

Posted by admin on February 9, 2020
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If waking up to wonderful sunrises and contemplating the most spectacular sunsets in the world are not reasons enough to live in San Carlos, discover the qualities of this important tourist destination to understand why buying property here is a great investment.


Located in the center of the coast of Sonora, San Carlos combines the most outstanding attributes of Guaymas and its supreme port, where fishing and tourism has made this place a point of great interest for national and international entrepreneurs and investors.



It is a destination with easy access because wherever the place of origin may be, there is a way to reach Guaymas and San Carlos, whether it be by sky, sea or land. There are various ways that guarantee security and speed to reach the destination. The highways offer multiple routes to arrive, one of them being the Mexico-Nogales International Highway. Also, other options for those traveling from the north-end of the continent, whether from Canada or other parts of the United States, is the route known as the Business Corridor Canamex, the W. W Interstate 40, and Interstate 10 of the United States.


San Carlos is positioned as one of the main tourist destinations of Sonora, also known as “The Great Tourist Jewel” because its landscapes are considered one of a kind in the world due to its richness in wildlife and vegetation, in addition to its variation in landscapes. We cannot neglect the important Guaymas Port, which it is a part of and only 15 kilometers away.



Acquiring a property in this important tourist destination is a great investment that eventually increases in value due to its constant growth and interest from investors in the tourist and/or industrial sector. Therefore, at any time you wish to sell or rent your property, it can be of great benefit and provide you with greater earnings beyond its original value.

Commonly, the real estate offers can easily exceed 10 million dollars if the property is located near the beach; meanwhile revenue can go from 6 thousand to beyond 18 thousand pesos per month.


If you want to buy or sell a house, start your search in Vive Real Estate, the right real estate company in San Carlos, Sonora.

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