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San Carlos; the favorite place of cyclists ‘all terrain’

Posted by admin on October 10, 2019
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Photo courtesy of Rick Hadley

Mountain biking, although it is known as an extreme sport, it now has become one of the most usual activities on the grounds of San Carlos. Because in addition to being a sport that helps keep us fit, it is a positive experience that generates a sense of freedom and releases stress, especially if it is done with the spectacular views offered by the paths, estuaries and canyons of the Guaymas, San Carlos and surrounding areas.

In the state of Sonora, the walking routes offer diverse ecosystems that range from coniferous forests to desert landscapes, also highlighting the coasts and beaches, wonderful trails and rural roads that cross natural reserves and deep ravines, being a difficult sight to find in one single place.

There are several groups of cyclists in the community who like to practice this activity in together or with their families. In addition the tourism service providers include among their tours of the tourist destination, guided mountain bike tours, a sports activity that bikers fall in love with from all over the world, due to the diversity of landscapes that can be seen on the routes that are visited, same to which more and more people join each time.

The ecosystem of San Carlos and its surroundings has attracted the attention of lovers of this sport, not only for the great variety of circuits it offers, but also for the experience of walking the trails with the view of the Sea of Cortez.

Photo courtesy of Rick Hadley

There are several tracks that frequent local cyclists and visitors go to, so the most recommended are listed as follows:
The track of El Soldado with 7.6 km of paths designed by hills, canyons and valleys, visit the Potrer, an access of 11 km by dirt and another 8km by paths between desert, mountain and oasis.

Los Anegados, roads rarely visited and easy to cross with a wide variety of wildlife in sight, in San José de Guaymas, where the route to this old mission, in addition to comforting, is illustrative, the Cerro del Vigía where the strength and good equipment are necessary, but not essential and the Lighthouse of Guaymas, 10 km of obligatory walk for all visitors.

Although this sport is classified as extreme, mountain biking is a perfect combination to enjoy from the first route as an apprentice, without forgetting that you must have the equipment necessary and must follow safety measures, in addition to knowing the routes.

Among the lovers of this extreme sport, the safety rules that must be followed so that the activity is totally positive and accidents do not occur are known, so due to the rocky terrain to which they usually enter, it is essential to wear a helmet for mountain bike

It is important that the equipment is specific for mountain biking, the use of a bicycle helmet is indifferent to the level you have as a biker, whether high, low, professional or just your first ride.

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