Maintain order during the seasonal change with the Konmari method

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Posted by admin on October 26, 2020
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If the seasonal changes, the modifications in your closet, the summer accessories, the Christmas decorations among other items that need to be put away and/or taken out of the garage cause a chaos in your home, follow the essential steps of the Konmari method checklist and enjoy the changes as well as the organization of your home.

KonMari Method

If you haven’t heard of the organizing Konmari method yet, read the article we wrote about “Having order in your home makes you feel more happy.”

The organizational method of the Japanese expert in organization and cleaning consultant Marie Kondo, has basic principles such as creating harmony and joy in the home through order and cleanliness, as well as categorizing and selecting each item that will be kept or discarded.

In order to achieve results in applying the Konmari method, you must abide by six basic rules: Commitment and discipline is fundamental, it will require time and effort, so it is important to set a goal and deadline for your organization.

You must visualize your home how you would like to see it, have a clear goal and new lifestyle with a cleaner or more organized home, focus on the things you value and how you would like to begin your days with the new organizational method.

The moment comes, when you must decide what stays and what must go. In addition to envisioning the space each item will occupy and categorizing them, this is important to maintain order and be able to locate each item when you will need to use it.

It’s important to analyze each item and decide if it’s still useful for you. If you choose not to keep the item, it can either be donated or thrown out. Remember to always be grateful for the purpose the item fulfilled.

The Konmari method suggests organizing by category and not location. In other words, grouping together all the items of one category and organizing them instead of doing it by location. The purpose for this is that when you store a type of item in different places, you repeat the same organizational process in various locations, investing more effort than what it would take to organize by category.

It’s important to follow the Konmari organization method to initiate the reorganization of the home. It’s recommended to begin with the easier items and gradually increase to the more defiant ones: clothes, books, documents, Komono (various items),  and sentimental items.

In the sixth point, Marie Kondo talks about the emotions sparked by each item that inhabits your home. The main goal is that what brings you joy is centered around personal standards instead of strict guidelines. That’s why it suggests asking yourself at all times, “Does this spark joy?” You will need to evaluate how your body feels and how your body reacts, and when maintaining these organizational protocols how you feel emotionally and the changes your lifestyle incurs.

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