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Posted by admin on December 31, 2019
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The new year is about to begin and the good luck rituals cannot be missed. Without doubt one of the most popular is an old tradition that encourages everyone to wear red underwear that predicts love for the coming year, for this you have to put the garment when midnight arrives and then leave it hanging outdoors, on the other hand who uses yellow underwear is able to attract money.

Another custom to attract fortune is to gift a sheep. This means that you want a lot of wealth and abundance to the person who receives it. It is customary to place them at the entrance of the house, because that is where fortune will enter.

An old Spanish tradition dictates that you must eat 12 grapes at the midnight bell to have good luck and prosperity. Some people also usually make wishes after eating each grape or representing each purpose for the new year. Another of the customs to leave the bad vibes behind is to sweep, it must be done with a new broom, from the inside out and always after dawn.

There are other rituals such as leaving the house after twelve bells accompanied by a backpack full of clothes for next years travels or break dishes like in Denmark. This tradition says that you must break the dishes with which you dined at the entrance of your house to attract love and good wishes. In addition, the broken dishes symbolize loyal friends.

The candles are also part of this ritual, because they are a religious element that according to belief, if you light 12 candles to the Holy Trinity and at midnight the 11 candles turn off, you will attract good fortune.

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