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Moisture can damage your property, get rid of the problem

Posted by admin on February 14, 2020
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Humidity is one of the problems that can occur in a property if it is not properly maintained that could be caused by the weather, the type of construction material, lack of ventilation or problems in the facilities.

It is common to occur in areas with humid weather or where rainfall is frequent, in addition to houses located near the beach or bodies of water.

Good ventilation is important to prevent moisture from stationing inside your home, because when it gets trapped, the hot air that is produced in the home condenses, becomes water and in the long term develops mold inside the walls.

To apply the appropriate solution and prevent moisture from spreading to other rooms, it is important to determine where and how it originates. In addition to consulting with experts the severity of the problem to resolve it, in the case of moisture coming from cracks and leaks of water, the entire facade must be waterproofed and verify that there are no leaks in the water installations.

It is very important to prevent moisture problems, since they can manifest themselves in different ways in the home and in the long run generate complications that go beyond the appearance of the property. At Vive Real Estate we offer a Property Management service that is in charge of taking care of the actions and procedures of property care that allow to manage and provide adequate maintenance to a residence, in order to avoid this type of damages.

Moisture can damage the structure of any construction to such an extent that it is uninhabitable, the presence of this increases the presence of parasites, fungi and even insects. Maintaining a high humidity level, higher that that of the environment surrounding your home or apartment, increases the development of mites and mold up to 50 percent.

Although it is not visible on the walls, sometimes moisture can penetrate furniture, clothing, books, toys, electrical appliances and other items that are near or in the same room with the moistened area, in addition to being harmful to your health especially for the skin and respiratory system.

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