The traditional Christmas dinner according to different countries

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Posted by admin on December 28, 2019
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Gastronomy is one of the main hallmarks of each culture and the traditional Christmas dinner is, in many countries of the world, the right time to exploit its culinary richness, as it is the perfect occasion for the chef to look and prepare the best of his dishes. Tonight, diners enjoy a great banquet whose menu changes according to where they are.

In the United States, turkey adorns the tables of millions of families during Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve dinner, prepared with a corn-based filling traditionally although its preparation may vary, roast pork is another of the main dishes and accompany with mashed potatoes.

Mexico shares many of the traditions of the United States and turkey at Christmas dinner is one of them, although with many variations when preparing it, tamales, cod and romeritos are other dishes that can not be missed at the table of the Mexican families during the holidays.

The protagonist of the drinks menu is the punch, a very common drink in the inns that in Mexico is prepared with tamarind, pieces of sugar cane, apple, guava, tejocotes and prunes.

In Colombia, Christmas is also one of the most anticipated celebrations and this special dinner has a great offer for its guests.
Empanadas are one of the most important meals of Colombian cuisine, they are prepared with ground corn or flour and they are stuffed with potatoes, chicken, meat, vegetables, eggs or cheese. The corn arepas are traditional from the Andean and Pacific regions and are made from ground cornmeal and cheese. The Rollo de Sobrebarriga can be accompanied by a sweet or wine sauce and potato salad.

In France the Christmas dinner includes goose or patom liver, smoked salmon and lobster. Its preparation varies according to tastes and family recipes. For dessert you can not miss the cream cake and the favorite of the French, the exquisite Christmas trunk, a rolled cake with custard filling.

During the traditional dinner in Venezuela, the protagonists are the “Hallacas” a kind of tamale with stuffing of different types of meat, either beef or chicken. This dish also contains a mixture of condiments, such as cumin and curry.

In Japan the maximum celebration is the New Year and its preparation, so they do not take much care at dinner. On that day they usually taste the traditional cups of noodles, which are a symbol of longevity. There are those who prefer to attend the restaurants that offer Christmas packages and there are those who prefer roast or fried chicken.

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