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Posted by admin on March 28, 2020
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Antibacterial products are ideal to protect from 99% of bacteria and viruses, which makes them your best allies to prevent sickness. You can find them at your supermarkets or find them naturally.

You can use them to eliminate fungus, bacteria, and protect your family from viruses and other sicknesses.

Natural cleaning products have the advantage of not containing chemicals which means they pose no risk for children, they don’t leave any strong odors, and many times can be found among products you already use daily.

Vinegar, limes, and baking soda are three of the most commonly known items. Limes have a level of acidity that changes the pH values of bacterial cells and microbes are unable to survive.

Baking soda is a magnificent cleaner when dissolved in water that can be used to clean the interior of the refrigerator and eliminate foul odors. When dissolved in a liter of hot water, you can use it to scrub down walls, drawers, among other surfaces; you can do the same with the juice of three lemons mixed with lukewarm water and enjoy your home safely.

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