Why are sunsets red?

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Posted by admin on June 2, 2020
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Have you ever wondered why sunsets are painted in diverse colors that create a natural spectacle worth contemplating? Surely you have heard and seen spectacular images around the world. Nonetheless, in San Carlos the most surprising are the red sunsets, we will briefly explain what causes them and why.

The light that’s provided by the sun is actually white. It corresponds to a mixture of colors that we see in the rainbow, called light colors.

When sunlight enters the atmosphere, it collides with the molecules of the gases that make it up and with the particles in suspensions, suffering deviations. In the afternoon, due to the position of the sun, greater deviations occur since the area of atmosphere it has to pass through is more extensive, and the only color that reaches our eyes is red.

During the day, we see the sun as a yellow-orange color because our eye is particularly sensitive to yellow. But in the afternoon, because of the position of the sun, the space of atmosphere the sunlight has to pass is greater than during the rest of the day. So, it suffers numerous deviations and the only color that reaches our eye is red.

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